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This is a really short question. I have created a package for Mac using Pyinstaller and I am mainly trying to add an icon to it. I am also trying to get the program to run without launching the terminal as the user has no interaction with the terminal. Currently I am keeing the following into cmd when running pyinstaller:

python pyinstaller.py --icon=group.ico --onefile --noconsole GESL_timetabler.py

I get the regular package (Unix Executable) and an App. However only the Unix Executable works and the no processes run when I double click the App.

Also, neither the App, nor the Unix Executable, has the icon image displayed. I am sure this is a trivial problem with my command to pyinstaller, but I am having difficulty figuring out the mistake. Could someone help me fix the instructions above? Thank you!

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rename the python file .pyw, thats how you normally stop command prompt running. maybe if you pysintaller that file –  chris Aug 17 at 19:50
Hey chris, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that did not work. –  Vicknesh Kodak Manoselvam Aug 17 at 20:03

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