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I am working on an web application which uses Bootstrap UI. However other browsers looks fine, but in IE version 10, the UI looks broken.

I found a solution on the bootstrap official site. It suggested something like below:

Put this on your CSS and JS.


@-ms-viewport       { width: device-width; }
@-webkit-viewport   { width: device-width; }
@-moz-viewport      { width: device-width; }
@-ms-viewport       { width: device-width; }
@-o-viewport        { width: device-width; }
@viewport           { width: device-width; }


if (navigator.userAgent.match(/IEMobile\/10\.0/)) {
    var msViewportStyle = document.createElement('style')

So here is what I have done: I copied that CSS to your_style.css which is located under the css folder => this did not work and I got no idea where to insert this JavaScript.

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here is a question/answer with explicit instructions

Confused with Bootstrap Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

One thing I would suggest though, is make sure compatibility mode isn't enabled in ie10.. I have had issues with this in the past.

Compatibility mode toggle, is highlighted in this image :

enter image description here

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