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I have two git branches: dev and master

I'm using Travis CI for builds and testing and need to have different .travis.yml and config.yml.enc (encrypted config file) for each branch/environment.

How do I merge changes from dev->master without merging the .travis.yml and config.yml.enc files?

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Can't you do the merge with --no-commit, explicitly checkout the master's .travis.yml file, and then commit the merge? –  ThorSummoner Aug 18 '14 at 4:00

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You have multiple options here (on master branch):

You can either run:

git merge --no-commit dev

git checkout .travis.yml

git checkout config.yml.end

git commit -m "merge dev into master"

This will merge the files then revert the two files to the last master commit.

Or you can run (if your commit history is setup this way):

git cherry-pick commit_hash

Adding commits where the files are not modified.

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