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How to add comments/description/information about the web service methods so that the person who will invoke it will know what the method is for , what are the useful params etc. so the invoker will be able to read these.

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Sorry, there's no way to do this. You have to create actual documentation instead.

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I thought so . Thanks. –  DarthVader Mar 29 '10 at 3:32

Add a help() method to the webservice. Return text, the same way you would for a command-line program (as in: progname -help).

I've done this myself, because six months later I can't remember what the parameters meant.

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Prefix your web method with this in vb.net:

<WebMethod(Description:="Add Your Description Here.")>

Or this in c#:

[WebMethod(Description = "Add Your Description Here.")]
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There is a way if you are using WCF REST. Otherwise it is not possible as said John.

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use the webmethod attribute to mention the description. In the attributes we have messagename and descrption to place our details about the function. ex:

WebMethod(False, TransactionOption.Disabled, BufferResponse:=True, CacheDuration:=0, Description:="Values : ABC = 1; DEF = 2; Both = 3", MessageName:="User Information")
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Can you show an example? –  alexw Nov 6 '13 at 6:03

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