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i m trying to send email with following configuration

Host: smtp.office365.com

port: 587

user: "myemail@domain.com"

pass: "mypassword"

i m getting the following exception :

550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender

i have gone through many forums that told me to set send as permission for mailboxe but i m not able to find any such configuration in oulook web app...or do i need to configure it somewhere else and if it so then where..???....i have only used above configuration for sending mails and have not done any config with outlook web app...what all i need to change and configure in my outlook web app ....

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go the the Exchange management console and select the user. Right Click, go to the send as permissions option.. check that User NT AUTHORITY\SELF is listed. If not add it.

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I also have this issue, although not with office365, but would this approach work on a wider issue of sending from a mailserver address? –  Martin Mar 18 at 20:11

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