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how would you turn this array:

      0 => Title1,
      1 => Title2,
      3 => Address1,
      4 => Address2,

to this array:

 array (
   0 => array(
    'title' => 'Title1'
    'address' =>'Address1'
   1 => array(
    'title' => 'Title2',
     'address' => 'Address2'

when you were initially given

$_POST['title'] = array('Title1', 'Title2');
$_POST['address'] = array('Address1', 'Address2');

which when merged would give you the first array I have given

I was able to solve this via a high level Arr:Rotate function in Kohana framework, along with Arr::merge function but I can't quite understand the implementation. Please help

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You said you already solved it. Just look at Kohana's code. Doh. – Amy B Mar 29 '10 at 4:43
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What about something like this :

$_POST['title'] = array('Title1', 'Title2');
$_POST['address'] = array('Address1', 'Address2');

$result = array();
$length = count($_POST['title']);

for ($i=0 ; $i<$length ; $i++) {
    $result[$i]['title'] = $_POST['title'][$i];
    $result[$i]['address'] = $_POST['address'][$i];


Which gives you the following result :

  0 => 
      'title' => string 'Title1' (length=6)
      'address' => string 'Address1' (length=8)
  1 => 
      'title' => string 'Title2' (length=6)
      'address' => string 'Address2' (length=8)

i.e. loop over both the title and address arrays you were initially given, and push their content into a new array -- without merging them or anything.

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