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i have got an Excel sheet with over than 8000 row and 15 columns i want a function to remove all the letters and special characters from a cell and only leave the numbers

DFM-TEL-CIS-1025 --> 1025

DFM-VTM-1299 --> 1299

TEL-CIV-DWG-DRX-1021 --> 3021

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Can there be multiple number groups in a cell (e.g. BOB-123-CAT-456) and how should they end up? Are the numbers always at the end? And presumably the last result is a typo --> 1021 –  Captain Aug 18 at 7:42
Here is an article with an example using array formulas link. You'd need to test for speed as running it against 120000 cells could be pretty slow! –  Captain Aug 18 at 8:09
@Captain: Yes, but depending on the answers to your original questions we may well be able to do without an array formula set-up. –  XOR LX Aug 18 at 8:12
@Captain I'm going to give you a real example DFM-1086-CIV-DWG-REW-001 -> 001 /// DFM-1086-CIV-DWG-TEL-093 -> 093 /// DFM-1086-ELECT-556 -> 556 /// DFM-1086-CIV-DRG-1732 -> 1732 /// –  Mohannad Al Amad Aug 18 at 9:28
@Captain yes i have a number in the meddle but i only want the last 3 to 4 numbers –  Mohannad Al Amad Aug 18 at 9:30

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This will give the result you are looking for


Where C4 is the cell containing the data.

This function assumes that the last 3 or 4 characters in the string are always numeric and that the character just before them is a hyphen.

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