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I have a settings screen, in that I have a table cell. By clicking on that I take to another screen where user can choose an option and I want it back in the previous view controller when back button is pressed.

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I can put a custom bar button item, but I want to return to the parent view controller using the back button in the navigation bar rather than with a custom button on the view.

I dont seem to be able to override the navigation back button to point it down to my unwind segue action and since the back button doesnt appear on the storyboard, I cant drag the green Exit button to it

Is it possible to unwind a push segue with the back button?

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I achieved what I was trying to do, i.e., pass data back up in a navigation controller stack using delegate method:


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I tried the same and it seems that you cannot catch the standard back button's action so the solution will be to use a custom button and bind it to a segue which leads back to the previous page.

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To perform a custom pop animation/segue your view controller should conform to UINavigationControllerDelegate. Then implement the method:

- (id<UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning>)navigationController:(UINavigationController *)navigationController animationControllerForOperation:(UINavigationControllerOperation)operation fromViewController:(UIViewController *)fromVC toViewController:(UIViewController *)toVC

The parameter (UINavigationControllerOperation)operation will tell you if the operation is a push or pop. Be sure to set the view controller that conforms to the UINavigationControllerDelegate as the navigation controller's delegate.

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You could use some sort of delegation as you did or use a custom back button and an unwind segue.

Better even, you could handle passing data between your view controllers using a mediator:


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