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(This question results from the machinations of corporate reality ...)

Background: Work packages and (sub-) tasks are collected in an Excel 2010 list and have additional information added to them (in extra columns), like which sub-tasks have to be carried out at all, who's responsible, which technical drawing to use etc. The scheduling however is carried out in Project 2010. At the moment, the two files don't "talk to" each other at all. This of course should change to be able to analyze the planning (Project -> Excel), e.g. how many due dates are past due for each responsible, and also to transfer data from the Excel list (semi-) automatically (Excel -> Project), e.g. new work packages, to avoid double work. At the same time, the files should change as little as possible to ensure acceptance by the people working with them. And, of course, the Excel file has a structure completely different from a Project task list.

IMHO, the best solution would be to keep track of everything in Project and just do exports to Excel and analyze them there, but as you know some people do not know how to or want to work with Project.

I have a couple of leads:

  • Transform the Excel file into a Project task list using a macro, save as a single sheet in a separate file and import as a new project in Project. Do scheduling and save again as an Excel file, using the already existing scheme. Re-import into Excel using another macro. In Project, only predecessors, start and end dates should change, which would be updated by the macro in the Excel file. This approach would provide the required functionality, but will have low acceptance because Gantt chart formatting will be lost each time and the workflow is slightly cumbersome.

  • My next hope was the merging of data on import in Project. Each entry in the Excel list would have a unique merge key. Gantt chart formatting, columns displayed etc. would have stayed in place, and the workflow would be more comfortable. After scheduling, there would have been an export to Excel. Unfortunately, Project only imports new entries and not the changes to already existing entries, puts them at the end of the list instead of their place in the Excel file, and import information like hierarchy level is lost/not imported.

  • One could also insert a list from Excel as hyperlinks into Project, which is quite comfortable in this direction (Excel -> Project). The hierarchy level is likewise not imported, and care has to be taken that every (new) task is included in the copied area of the Excel sheet. And there is also no backward link, and changing data in Project would break the links.

I hope this is clear enough and I'm really hoping that there is some sort of established procedure to swap data back and forth so the question won't be closed because of subjectivity.

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