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I am trying to compare the creation date of a file to today's date, and have a working solution:

FOR %%f IN (%ARCHIVE_FILE%) DO SET FileDate=%%~tf
IF [%FileDate:~0,-6%] == [%CURRENT_DATE%] goto finish

For some reason, when deploying this batch script on a Windows machine other than the ones I've tested on (two different Windows machines), the FileDate variable is set to the expected result, e.g. "dd/mm/yy mm:ss", and then reset to nothing.


echo %FileDate%

Between the two lines shows the FileDate being assigned correctly and then being assigned to "" straight after. I cannot find an answer on this, and wondered if there are any rare .batch masters who might have some idea of what's going on :/.

Thanks for your help.


Moved to a forfiles solution, which I will add for anyone looking for an alternative:

forfiles /p %ARCHIVE_DIR% /m %FILE_NAME% /d 0 && (
  goto finish
) || (
  goto start

This should suffice, I have yet to check it on the machine I need it for.

It would still be nice to find out why the above initial solution failed horribly, haha.

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Are the two lines surrounded by another loop or something else? –  jeb Aug 18 at 13:27
This is just a section of the overall batch file, just some file transfers done after, no surrounding parentheses. Works on all of my machines, it must be some sort of odd windows setup? –  permafrost Aug 18 at 14:06

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I suppose that your code is different from that part you posted.

These types of problems normally occours in command blocks surrounded by parenthesis.
It's a problem of the expansion phases of the batch parser, as percent expansion occours before a block is executed.
So you should switch to delayed expansion

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
  SET "FileDate=%%~tf"
  echo Doesn't work %FileDate%
  echo But this works !FileDate!
  IF "!FileDate:~0,-6!" == "%CURRENT_DATE%" goto finish
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I use the two lines that I originally posted, in that format. It's odd that it works on one machine and not on another.. This is useful to know however. –  permafrost Aug 18 at 12:26
Would you advise using this over the forfiles alternative? –  permafrost Aug 18 at 12:40
@user3906990 No, I would use the forfiles solution –  jeb Aug 18 at 13:00
Okay, thanks. Do you think that the forfiles solution is pretty safe? –  permafrost Aug 18 at 13:18
@permafrost Looks very safe, but you could enclose %ARCHIVE_DIR% and %FILE_NAME% with quotes to avoid problems with spaces and other nasty characters –  jeb Aug 18 at 13:30

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