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I experience a strange behavior in FF: an element doesn't allow to move up the other element. Everything works fine in Chrome but doesn't work in FF.

enter image description here

Please see Jsfiddle in FF http://jsfiddle.net/M74F9/4/.

To see what is the issue please find in a console a <div class="layout-content"> element. And try to set its margin-top to negative value say -50px. Set the value with arrows, it will let you see the movement of the div. The div moves up but the word "Account" stops and doesn't want to move with the div. It seems that the nav element of the Bootstrap doesn't allow to move it.

Why it happens? What styles stop an "Account" word? Why it happens only in FF and doesn't happen in Chrome? How to solve it in FF?

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Did you check with position:absolute? –  Leo Aug 18 at 11:02
It looks exactly the same in both browsers to me. What versions are you using? –  Marcel Aug 18 at 12:53
@Marcel, Chrome: 36.0.1985.125 m, FF: 31.0. –  Green Aug 18 at 15:25
I am using chrome 36 and FF 30 and they look identical. –  Marcel Aug 18 at 15:30

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