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I try to create an index in Neo4j, but it seems like it is not working. I insert data with the following codes snippet.

 create index on :`Person`(`name`)
 create (_0:`Person` {`name`:"Andres"})
 create (_1:`Person` {`name`:"Mark"})
 create _0-[:`KNOWS`]->_1

The code here works fine. But when I try to fetch data with cypher command

START n=node:name(name= 'Bob')

I've got an error

Index `name` does not exist

But as you can see above, I declare an index name. What do I query wrong?

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either you must use automatic index - - where you first specify in the neo4j config file which parameters would be indexed (than start/restart the server)

or when using manual indexing - - you must include each new node into the index manualy like this:

MATCH (n:Person)
USING INDEX n:Person(name)
WHERE = 'Bob'

view also neo4j cypher : unable to create and use an index

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