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No matters what selector I try to use in rake deface:get_result it never finds it. I've got in code decorator which WORKS

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => "spree/checkout/registration",
                     :name => "removes_registration_header",
                     :remove => "h1",
                     :disabled => false)

now when I try to do rake deface:get_result['spree/checkout/registration','h1'] I got answer: zsh: no matches found: deface:get_result[spree/checkout/registration,h1]

How to properly use rake deface:get_result?

Note: I also tried to prepend bundle exec but results are the same

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If you use zsh you will need to escape the square brackets or any other special characters like spaces with \, you can try something like

bundle exec rake deface:get_result\['spree/checkout/registration'\]

Also make sure you run rake with bundle exec to ensure you are using the correct version of the gem.

From your example, it seems like you are using the deface:get_result task incorrectly. It only takes one parameter which is the virtual path of the template. I assume what you are actually trying to do is test a selector, which you can do with

bundle exec rake deface:test_selector\['spree/checkout/registration','h1'\]
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