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I want to compute complexity of kmeans algorithm based on complexity theory.

I have already read the standard algorithm of kmeans from wikipedia: Link

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If (you haven't understood K-means) http://home.deib.polimi.it/matteucc/Clustering/tutorial_html/kmeans.html


Initialize means (e.g. by picking k samples at random)

• Iterate: (I times)

(1) assign each point to nearest mean

(2) move “mean” to center of its cluster.

(3) finally, this algorithm aims at minimizing an objective function, in this case a squared error function. The objective function has complexity of kn as you see it by definition.If there are m attributes (in place of the normal Euclidean Function time in calculating this objective function is proportional to m)

Time Complexity of K-means

• Let tdist be the time to calculate the distance between two objects

• Each iteration time complexity: O(Kntdist)

K = number of clusters (centroids)

n = number of objects

• Bound number of iterations I giving O(IKntdist)

• for m-dimensional vectors: O(IKnm) ----------------> Your Answer

( m large and centroids not sparse )

Space Complexity of K-means

• Store points and centroids

– vector model: O((n + K)m)---------------------->Space Complexity

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