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I'm looking for an OpenSource server monitoring tool that allows the following:

  • Monitor a variety of services on TCP, UDP.
  • Supports custom port numbers.
  • Supports some basic response checking (beyond initial connection checking).
  • Basic dashboard overview of health status.
  • Alert notifications via e-mail.

I could roll my own, but want to make sure I don't reinvent the wheel if there's a complete suite out there that does what I want (and maybe more!).

EDIT: Preferably software that runs on Windows.

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I am also curious if there are any open source tools for monitoring web services, tcp servers, etc... – Lucas B May 22 '09 at 15:43

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I recommend the "mon" package ( It is pre-packages in most Linux distributions, and fairly customizable.

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Nagios is the way to go. Very powerful and customizable. Has dashboards, history, alerts, graphs, and much more.

I you want something a bit fancier, there is Groundwork which is built on nagios and various other bits and pieces, but I didn't really like that after playing with it for a little bit. It also costs for anything but the community edition.

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They both don't run on Windows. Any Windows equivalents? – Wim Hollebrandse Oct 31 '08 at 14:25
I thought you were asking for open source... You could setup a virtual machine with Linux, and run the monitoring in there. – Martin v. Löwis Oct 31 '08 at 14:27
OpenSource Windows software does exist, you know. ;-) – Wim Hollebrandse Oct 31 '08 at 14:29
True, but its hard to run an open source stack on windows :) – Matthew Watson Nov 1 '08 at 0:20

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