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I'm trying to get a shared Calendar to open on "weekly" and not "monthly" view.

I've tried both with OWA2010 and the new Hotmail.com (guessing its 365?)

This is a shared calendar I have created: https://sharing.calendar.live.com/calendar/private/a05aaf4e-bcc1-4968-9981-31de397f8b0e/8d612ecb-ae4e-49f9-a33e-d3031632ce75/cid-a942a803ee9b6652/index.html

I've tried searching for all sort of parameters to add to the end of it i.e ?cmd=contents&view=Weekly

but got nada

I'm trying to do it for this calendar, and also (and actually more importantly) on the OWA 2010 we use at work.

I've thought about going at it from a JS angle, which works fine (find the element and use its .click() ) but the problem is that I'm opening the shared calendar in an iframe, and can't reach the iframe's document due to security reasons :(

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