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What my script does is "It writes file path for uploading file"

Now I ran same script in two different ways ;It runs properly in first way but fails in second way

*First Time * When I ran below script using Script Editor; It sent/wrote proper file path "

some code....

 $sPath="C:\ProgramData\Cisco Systems\Screen and Clean\ISB7K_2K\Configuration\op_and_settings_config.bin"

ControlSetText("[TITLE:Open]", "", "[ID:1148]", $sPath)

Second Time when I called the same script from cmd.exe; it sentwrote only file name (not complete file path) If anyone has any idea for this behavior ;please ans

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Your question is pretty unclear. From what I see, I assume compiling the script will solve the problem. –  Milos Aug 18 at 21:53
There are some spaces in the path. Maybe you have to quote it. $sPath='"C:\ProgramData\Cisco Systems\Screen and Clean\ISB7K_2K\Configuration\op_and_settings_config.bin"' –  Xenobiologist Aug 19 at 7:11
@Xenobiologist thanks ; I used single quote instead of double quote & it worked –  user3812837 Aug 21 at 6:22
Nope. Changing double quotes to single quotes does absolutely nothing in this code. It was something else you changed. –  Milos Aug 22 at 15:50
I did R&D and found out that if we use single quote in autoit....it wraps the content, besides I didn't do any other change –  user3812837 Aug 25 at 6:44

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