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I'm working on a project with visual studio 2010 using the entity framework. the whole project was running over SQLServer2008R2 and everything worked fine. Now, I need to migrate from SQLServer2008R2 to oracle 11.2. the fact is that I have many booleans on my code, but oracle don't support bool. I've been reading in lots of fourms and everywhere the people said to put

    <add name="bool" value="edmmapping number(1,0)" />

on the App.config and how it didn't worked, I've added the Oracle.DataAccess DLL to the project.

anyway visual sutdio is still with the same error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'bool' to 'short'

and the mapping is not done.

I just want to map the Int16 to Bool, because we have all the project working over SQLServer....

any idea?

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