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Suppose I want to define a "NumberLoader", which will load integers from another place by demand, so I can give it a type:

type NumberLoader = Stream[Integer]

But it may throw errors when loading (say, it loads integers via network from another computer), so there should be some NetworkError in the type.

Finally, I defined it as:

type NumberLoader = Stream[Either[NetworkError, Integer]]

If seems to work, but I feel it a little strange. Is it a good one?

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Seems right to me. You can also use Stream[Future[Int]] or Stream[Try[Int]] (or scalaz validation types). –  cchantep Aug 18 '14 at 15:05

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You want to represent

a Stream of something which can be either a NetworkError or an Integer
  Stream[                          Either[  NetworkError,      Integer]]

so the type looks appropriate and well-suited.

You can alternatively use Future or Try in place of Either, but you would lose the flexibility of specifying the kind of exception you expect, as both Future and Try failures hold a generic Throwable.

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