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How do I access an attribute of an object by name, if i compute the name at runtime?

Ie. i loop over keys and want to get each value of the attributes "field_".$key

In python there is getattribute(myobject, attrname)

It works, of course, with eval("$val=$myobject->".$myattr.";"); but IMO this is ugly!!

TIA florian

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Keep always in mind that a very powerful feature of PHP is its Variable Variables

You can use

$attr = 'field' . $key;

or more concisely, using curl brackets

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+1 - you can use curly braces {} whenever you want PHP to evaluate their contents before the rest of the expression – Andy Mar 29 '10 at 9:58
Hello, Can I use something like this $myObject->{'level1->level2'}.. Or $myObject->{level1}->{level2}. How can I do it for multiple levels, when the level-values are dynamic? – Anish Nair Aug 28 '13 at 6:45
$val = $myobject->$myattr;
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With reflection:

$reflectedObject = new ReflectionObject($myobject);
$reflectedProperty = $reflectedObject->getProperty($attrName);
$value = $reflectedProperty->getValue($myobject);

This works only if the accessed property is public, if it's protected or private an exception will occurr.

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I know this is an old subject, but why not just use magic methods?

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