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I'm very new to Node/Express, and trying to implement this block that updates a company's information. I have a number of console.log statements that are tracking the variables throughout the block, and everything seems to be working perfectly fine until the last saving line. What exactly could I be doing wrong?

// Edit company metric information
  editMetrics: function(link, form, cb) {
    Companies.findOne({ permalink: link }, function (err, company) {
      if (err)  return done(err);

      // Iterate through form fields
      for(var field in form) {
        console.log(field);  // Looks great

        if(typeof(company.operational[field]) !== 'undefined') {
            timestamp: new Date(),
            value: form[field]

        if(typeof(company.user_metrics[field]) !== 'undefined') {
            timestamp: new Date(),
            value: form[field]

        if(typeof(company.economics[field]) !== 'undefined') {
            timestamp: new Date(),
            value: form[field]

      console.log(company); // Looks great

      // Save & redirect to updated profile
      company.save(cb());  // For some reason this isn't saving


CompanyModel.editMetrics(link, req.body, cb = function(error, result) { 
    res.redirect('/portfolio/' + link); 
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What type is company? Can you post the relevant code about it? Also - what does cb() return? We're missing a lot of info here. –  Avery Aug 18 at 19:53
It seems to be a typical misunderstanding of how to pass a callback as an argument to another asynchronous function. Try company.save(cb); instead of company.save(cb()); and tell us if it still doesn't work or if you don't understand the difference. –  Volune Aug 18 at 19:57
Doesn't work/ don't understand the difference sorry. –  zelliott Aug 18 at 20:08
Company is a massive object. Sorry I'll try to add more info... –  zelliott Aug 18 at 20:08

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The problem is the last line:


should be:


Basically you are executing the callback and passing the result to the save function, when you need to be passing the function pointer to the save function.

Also make sure your callback signature matches the node convention of function(error, result) so that you get the result value you are expecting.

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So I added some more info to my original question based off of your answer. I changed the last line to company.save(cb) and posted my cb() function above. –  zelliott Aug 18 at 22:09
remove the cb = part of your callback and just use a anonymous function. –  John Teague Aug 18 at 22:20
I removed cb = , and nothing seemed to change. –  zelliott Aug 18 at 22:28
okay, then try logging the error and result values in your callback and see if an error is occurring. –  John Teague Aug 18 at 23:39

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