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Today I've came across strange behavior that I never met before.

I built this website on Bootstrap 3.2.0. When I put any <form> in the code, Chrome (Mac - Mavericks) gets acting strange on reloads. Hard to describe - it has render all stuff in main.css very slow after the whole content is ready a rendered.

Here's the link: http://www.cloud-it.sk/sources/pooltechnika/shop-grid.html

Has anyone met this glitch before?

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I see that you used CSS3 animations in your code. Make sure these animation are only set for the properties and elements on which you want them. –  Reflic Aug 18 at 21:27
Please DO NOT link you your website. Here's why: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/125997/… –  Diodeus Aug 18 at 21:27

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Finally I have managed to work this out.

The presence of form tags in HMTL combined with color transitions anywhere in the css causes a transitions on every element to fire on load.

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