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If I'm working with drm on linux and trying to get the number of displays/connectors on a gpu, when do I need to call drmModeFreeResources/Connector?

drmModeResPtr drmResources = drmModeGetResources(drmFd);

for (int i = 0; i < drmResources->count_connectors; i++) {
    drmModeConnectorPtr connector;
    connector = drmModeGetConnector(drmFd, drmResources->connectors[i]);
    if (connector && connector->connection == DRM_MODE_CONNECTED) {
    drmModeFreeConnector(connector); // Do I need to do this?
drmModeFreeResources(drmResources); // Do I need to do this?

Do I need to free every time I get resources/connector? Or do I only need to do it after I'm done with the resources and want to destroy them, such as when the connector or display is no longer connected?


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