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I'm looking for a very private source control/hosting solution. Short of hosting my own, and seeing as I'm the only collaborator, what is a good service for this?

I'm using Git. The most important aspect is privacy. I don't want anyone to see my code, I'm simply using it for source control/backup. I will be the only developer.

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If you're using git, your repository is on your computer - just back it up like any other directory. –  Anonymoose Mar 29 '10 at 11:09

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Virtual Private Servers

You haven't mentioned the budget so I'm going to assume that it's not that important for you. We have all of our source code on virtual servers hosted by Slicehost (you could pick any other VPS provider) and we access them over ssh. The big advantages:

(a) Private - you need ssh to access the box

(b) Accessible anywhere there's a network connection

(c) Nightly & weekly Backups are included for free

I'm a fan of Slicehost (been using them for over two years now) but you could set up the same system with any VPS provider. There's and article on setting up git on Slicehost here

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