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I've written my custom receiver to display up to 4 images simultaneously (next to one another). I'm using the NanoHTTPD to achieve serving the .jpg files to the Chromecast custom receiver. I use the WifiManager (obtaining the IP address) and the port 8080 as connection information to NanoHTTPD. Because I'm still in development my custom receiver (html,js,bootstrap, nothing fancy) is being served from the application's domain website. This configuration works and is operational from a development point of of view.

The Chromecast documentation states custom receivers are to be hosted via https and I've chosen Google Drive for this. This is configured too and I see part of my custom receiver displaying.

In the Google Drive configuration when I use my android app to display my jpg images stored on the android device onto the Chromecast I'm now getting repetitive outputs similar to these:

   at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.read(PlainSocketImpl.java:492)
   at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.access$000(PlainSocketImpl.java:46)
   at java.net.PlainSocketImpl$PlainSocketInputStream.read(PlainSocketImpl.java:241)
   at java.io.PushbackInputStream.read(PushbackInputStream.java:185)
   at fi.iki.elonen.NanoHTTPD$HTTPSession.execute(NanoHTTPD.java:890)
   at fi.iki.elonen.NanoHTTPD$1$1.run(NanoHTTPD.java:175)
   at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)

Did i go down the wrong path in using NanoHTTPD? Should that be configured differently? Is there another/better means of serving device local jpg images casted to the Chromecast device?

Any help would be appreciative.

Thank you,Jim

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It turns out I was doing Protocol-relative URL. And once I used just http everything worked just fine. –  user3123813 Aug 22 at 18:51

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