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Hello i've following JS function.

    this.jsondata = eval('(' + resp + ')');
    this.propList = [];
    for (var i = 0;i<this.jsondata.length;i++) {
        for (obj in this.jsondata[i]) {
            alert(obj); //shows the property name of obj
                obj : this.jsondata[i][obj] //insert only simple obj string
    return this.propList;

I want to insert in my propList the property name and the value, but instead inserting the property name this function inserts simple 'obj' as a string. What i'm doing wrong?

greetings Stefan

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Change the loop to,

    for (obj in this.jsondata[i]) {
        alert(obj); //shows the property name of obj
        var item = {};
        item[obj] = this.jsondata[i][obj];

When you use object-literal to create an object the property names are not evaluated as variables. To specify the name of an objects property using a variables current value, you must use the obj[variable] format. This will create a property within obj whose name will be the same as current value of variable.

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ok works fine ty –  Mark Mar 29 '10 at 11:24

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