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I use configChanges="locale" on my activities. Without this options in AndroidManifest.xml in 2.x, I am getting flickering screens.

It works in all my activities except in the preferences screen in which I have added programmatically. I have one Preference Activity --> It works after setting configChanges="locale" to the AndroidManifest.xml.

Inside of the Preference Activity, I add programatically a new preferencescreen. For this new PreferenceScreen, I don't have an activity in the AndroidManifest.xml! So I cannot add the configChanges="locale" and the screen flickers on 2.x !!

How can I add the attribute configChanges="locale" programatically?

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When do you get flickering screens? –  Jim Blackler Apr 14 '10 at 23:20
On 2.x phones, but i solved it already! Thnaks! –  chrisonline Jun 15 '10 at 14:07

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I have not found a solution to add configChanges="locale" programmatically, but i created a new Pereference Activity and added the configChanges keyword to the Manifest file.

Now it works as it should.

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