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I am using GridGain 6.1.9 and going through proof of concept about storing data into GridGain distributed cache and then Querying, Searching, Indexing on it.

I will have to manage multiple data-sets in separate caches (i.e. which will be in separate nodes) these nodes will be sharing cache among multiple physical computers with there own JVM


  • so when one new node is created on server how will I share its cache with other pears(computers with whom cache is being shared) in the Grid programatically, because the other way around is to use g.start(cache.xml) from console of each computer but I want it to be controlled by the software it self on the main server which can start all remote GridGain nodes from itself.
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Do you want to start remote nodes from Java? Otherwise, why not just create a shell script that brings up remote nodes? –  Dmitriy Aug 19 at 13:58

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