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As mentioned in header, my goal is to restore files from recycle bin with collisions handling.

I'm quite new to this API, so any tips about approach, that will allow me to resolve the collision(e.g. recycle bin contains two files with identical names but different size) automatically would be appreciated.

Right now I have unpleasant popup window, that is absolutely unacceptable.


Complete working example can be found here here.

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Restore them one at a time to a temporary folder. From there, you can move it to the final location, possibly with renaming. –  Raymond Chen Aug 19 at 6:50
@RaymondChen, this approach implemented, but I still hope, that some API trick to do it exists. –  im_infamous Aug 19 at 6:59
Unfortunately there's no proper API for restoring files from the recycle bin, so you just need to kludge it as best you can. –  Jonathan Potter Aug 19 at 8:29
Simulating a drop is how you restore a Recycle Bin item to a specific folder. –  Raymond Chen Aug 19 at 16:13
@RaymondChen: Simulating a drop is not a proper API, it's a kludge. There's a function to put files in the recycle bin - why isn't there one to take them out again? –  Jonathan Potter Aug 19 at 21:34

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