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Here is a sample of my problem. I have the following typetree :

 |-Texts(group, delimited, literal separator=<NEXT>, components=Text[1:s])

I have 3 cards :

serie1 (type=Texts), rule =clone("test", 3)
serie2 (type=Texts), rule =clone("test", 3) 
union (type=Texts), rule =? 

How can I get the union to contain both the values from serie1 and serie2 ?

If possible not using a RUN

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One possible solution is to modify your type tree like this:

 |-Texts(group, delimited, literal separator=<NEXT>, components=Text[1:s])
 |-Texts(group, delimited, literal separator=<NEXT>, components=Text[0:s])

This way you can copy directly the data to the output and you should not have problems reading a file with that type tree either.

Regards, B.

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Hi, thanks for your answer, I haven't worked with WTX in years I am unable to say if your answer would actually work or not. I will validate it in case, hopefully it will help someone who will leave a message about it here :) – Jean Aug 22 '13 at 17:02

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