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This is my JavaScript:

    function handleRadioRow() {
        var t =;
        if (t.tagName == "input")
        while (t.tagName != "th")
            t = t.parentElement;
        var r = t.getElementsByTagName("input")[0];;

And this is my HTML:

    <form action="order.php">
        <table border="1">
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-14">August 14<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-15">August 15<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-16">August 16<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-17">August 17<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()" bgcolor="#00FF00"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-18" checked="checked">August 18<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-19">August 19<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-20">August 20<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-21">August 21<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
                <th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-22">August 22<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>

This is not working at jsfiddle at Chrome too.

Or maybe you know another method to get radio-button selected when push/click on cell?

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link of your jsfiddle – user3209031 Aug 19 '14 at 8:40
Why is this tagged jquery if you’re not using any? – CBroe Aug 19 '14 at 8:50
Sorry, yes this is JavaScript, not jQuery, I fixed question and added link to jsfiddle. – Vitaly Zdanevich Aug 19 '14 at 8:57
I noticed that call to your function handleRadioRow() fails. It never goes in the function. So could not get what is expected. If you have attach working fiddle. – Emma Aug 19 '14 at 9:27

...or you could do as wished for in the first place. ;-) Add a "this" to the javascript call for all table cells:

<th onclick="handleRadioRow(this)">

Then update your js-function to the following (given that you are using jQuery)

<script type="text/javascript">
 function handleRadioRow(el) {
    var radioBtn = $(el).find('input').first();
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You can try

function handleRadioRow(obj) {

Here is a jSFiddle :

I don't know why this function when kept in javascript block doesn't work in fiddle. So i have kept it inside html block itself inside using script tag and tested.

P.S: Use this keyword while invoking handleRadioRow() function.

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Very simple and without JavaScript! Just warp input with <label>


<th onclick="handleRadioRow()"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-14">August 14<br></th>


<th><label><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-14">August 14<br></label></th>

But with little minus - user can click only in text, not on empty spaces - it is much better than only to radio-button.

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If you dont want to use jquery etc...

function handleRadioRow(event) {
    var t =;
    if (t && t.tagName == "INPUT")
    while (t && t.tagName != "TH") {
        t = t.parentElement;
    var r = t.getElementsByTagName("INPUT")[0];;

and use it as

<th onclick="handleRadioRow(event)"><input type="radio" name="date" value="08-14">August 14<br><?php echo($price) ?></th>
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