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I create a pagetab application. I set the mobile site url to be usable with mobile.

In the application I check the signed request to see the user is fan:

        if($signed_request['page']['id'] == $myPageId) {
            $is_fan = $signed_request['page']['liked'] ? true : false;

But in the mobile version Facebook doesn't post signed request, even then the user is logged in (give permission).

I can ask user_likes permission, so I can check liked pages, but I don't want to use extra permissions..

It is possible to solve this without user_likes perm?

Regards, F

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Facebook does not allow like gates in general any more – all possibilities to do that will be removed soon, so you will not be able to do it in a page tab any more as well. –  CBroe Aug 19 at 9:08

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Changelog: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelog

  • There is no Page Tab on mobile. Even before v2.1 it was not possible to create a Fangate on mobile (that is, without the user_likes permission).
  • Fangates are not allowed anymore according to the Platform Policy of Facebook.
  • The "liked" parameter will stop working for old Apps in November and is not available anymore in new Apps.
  • The user_likes permission will not get approved for Fangating, so you cannot use that possibility either.

Fangates are dead.

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Thanks pal, strict rules.. It's approved to use user_likes to give extra features for fans? –  user594297 Aug 19 at 10:35
it depends on the features you want to offer, but even if you get user_likes approved for something else: fangating is not allowed because of the policy changes. –  luschn Aug 19 at 10:37

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