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I'm new in django. I got 4 models with complicated relations:

class Device(models.Model):
    type_of_device = models.ForeignKey(TypeOfDevice, null=True)

class TypeOfDevice(models.Model):
    device_type = models.CharField()
    description = models.CharField(null=True, blank=True)
    property_of = models.ManyToManyField(PropertyOfTypeOfDevice, null=True, blank=True) 

class PropertyOfTypeOfDevice(models.Model):
    property_name = models.CharField()

class ValueOfPropertyOfTypeOfDevice(models.Model):
    device = models.ForeignKey(Device)
    property_of_type_of_device = models.ForeignKey(PropertyOfTypeOfDevice)
    value_of_property = models.CharField()

So each device got type with set of properties. Computer device got motherboard, cpu and memory. Tablet got model name and producer. Notebook got model name, producer and memory.

I want 2 things in admin:

  1. Set properties for each type of device.
  2. Set values for each property in properties set for each device.

I have not problems with first but i don't know django way to make user-friendly second. I can select device type from device admin but i don't know how to output properties of selected device. I think it will be AJAX because if i change device type, it must change properties set and give me chance to input values for each property.

Thank you!

ps. Sorry for my english :).

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