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I want to change the sleeping time dynamically?

As of right now, its

secs = 60

If I want to change the sleep dynamically, ie initially it was 60 secs, now secs changed to 30, and since, assuming it has already slept for 5 secs, it should now sleep for

30-5 = 25 secs.

How would I do it?

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I don't understand what do you want! –  Farhadix Aug 19 '14 at 9:47
Could you not start from the other side, and wait for 30s, then sleep for another 30s if necessary? –  iwin Aug 19 '14 at 9:49
Well, what I actually want to is that the time to sleep is dynamically changing. Initially it was , say 60 secs, now it has been changed to 30 secs. So, initially it was required to sleep for 60 secs, but now since sleep time has been changed to 30 and also, it has slept for 5 secs initially, it should now has to sleep for 30-5 = 25 secs –  user1162512 Aug 19 '14 at 9:53

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You can't "update" the value you passed into time.sleep() if that's what you mean.

However, you could start at the minimum time you'd need to wait, then add more time if necessary rather than trying to take it away.

 secs = 30

Or if you're waiting for something to complete, you could set secs = 5 or something similar, then keep waiting 5 seconds until the condition is met.

secs = 5
while(not check_condition()):

It's hard to tell what you're trying to do, but this should cover most cases.

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