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I am busy building some software in which i want to be able to show data from a normalized Access database after selecting 1 requirement. The tables are build up like this:

 - RantsoenID 
 - Rantsoen
 - Voer
 - Gewicht
 - Locatie

tbl_rantsoenkoppel (connecting table)
 - ID
 - FKRantsoenID
 - FKvoerID

tbl_voersoorten (Foodtypes)
- VoerID
- Voer(Food)
- Drogestof
- Locatie

Now, i want the user to be able to select a Rantsoen(diet) from a dropdown and then show it's name, the mulitple foodtypes, Weight per foodtype. He then has to be able to pinpont a location where the diet has to be placed and then save it to .csv. The saving to .csv will be easy by the looks of it. However, how can i get multiple textboxes to be populated correctly based on the users choise?

For example: If the users chooses Diet1, i want the form to show the diet name, location where the diet has to be placed, types of food used in the diet and the weight of each foodtype.

So, how can i create the auto populate functionality so that the user can make a selection AND how can i create the possiblity for the user to create new diets(rantsoen)? I already got this last question figured out for 1 foodtype(Voersoort), but how can user add multiple foodtypes to a diet?

I tried using and modifying this code, but it gives me a error(http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Relational-Database-Example-5343d132#content. Best would be a functionality where the dropdownbox populates textboxes and where it's not needed to use a datagridview.

Also, i use MS Access 2010 and VB2010 and this is the query i got thus far.

Dim sql As String = "SELECT * " & _
      "FROM tbl_voersoorten AS V INNER JOIN (tbl_Rantsoen AS R INNER JOIN tbl_Rantsoenkoppel AS K ON K.FKRantsoenID = R.RantsoenID) ON K.FKVoerID = V.VoerID"

Ok, right now i got it partially working; it can read from the database, now i still need to insert and update. For Update i had the following code in mind:

sqlupdate = "UPDATE tbl_rantsoen SET Rantsoen=@Rantsoen, Voer=@Voer, Gewicht=@Gewicht, Locatie=@Locatie WHERE Rantsoen='" & tbNieuwRantsoen.Text & "'"
Dim cmd As New OleDbCommand(sqlupdate, connection)
' This assigns the values for our columns in the DataBase. 
' To ensure the correct values are written to the correct column
cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Rantsoen", tbNieuwRantsoen.Text))
cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Voer", cbVoer.Text))
cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Locatie", cbLocatie.Text))
cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Voer", cbVoer1.Text))
cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Gewicht", tbGewicht1.Text))

'Koppeltabel, Manier vinden om automatisch het juiste RantsoenID in te laden!
 sqlupdatekoppel = "UPDATE tbl_rantsoenkoppel SET FKRantsoenID=@Rantsoen, FKvoerID=@Voer, Gewicht=@Gewicht, WHERE FKRantsoenID='" & tbNieuwRantsoen.Text & "'"
 Dim cmdkoppel As New OleDbCommand(sqlupdatekoppel, connection)
 cmdkoppel.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Voer", cbVoer.Text))
 cmdkoppel.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Gewicht", tbGewicht.Text))
 cmdkoppel.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Voer", cbVoer1.Text))
 cmdkoppel.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@Gewicht", tbGewicht1.Text))

How can i update it in such a manner that the SQL for the koppel(connecting) table automatically converts the foodname into the right FoodID and the Diet(rantsoen) name into the DietID to place in FKRantsoenID? I thought about placing a textbox on the form that reads the ID from the main table and then write that value via a parameter.add line to the connecting table. For Updating this will work(i think) but how about adding a new record? Is there a way that it will auto increment or do anything so that the right ID will be entered in the connecting table?

BTW, the connecting table has a many to 1 relationship with the 2 main table's, so a Diet can contain of more foodtypes, meaning 1 diet can have 2 or more records in the connecting table.

update Okay, update: I got the dgv to show the normalized data when i select a diet. it will only show the foodtypes etc belonging to that diet.Now, how can i get it thus that it exports al the records displayed in that dgv to textboxes?

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Anyone? Still stuck with this problem. I Think i need to use parent child relations but how can i do that with multiple tables? I tried, but i get a error on the constraints. –  user3913708 Aug 21 '14 at 13:54
there are at least 5-6 very long questions here. that's why no one is helping you. ask something specific, no one is going to code your entire program for free –  Vland Aug 24 '14 at 23:03
Hello,IT are 2 questions in my opinion: How can i get the data to show in a form and how can i edit this data? about 70% of the programm has already been written. I can update/edit etc in single tables, that part works perfect. I just cant get it to work with a normalized database using 2 main tables and 1 connecting table. Been away on business last week so i couldn't react faster. –  user3913708 Sep 1 '14 at 5:48
Also, i tried using parent child relations, but then i get a contstraint error on the Dataset, while no major changes have been made to the DB. So that doesnt seem to work. –  user3913708 Sep 1 '14 at 6:37
Okay, update: I got the dgv to show the normalized data when i select a diet. it will only show the foodtypes etc belonging to that diet.Now, how can i get it thus that it exports al the records displayed in that dgv to textboxes? –  user3913708 Sep 8 '14 at 7:07

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