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I am trying to capture the '' part and it is possible that the content inside the '<' and '>' symbols may vary. It might also contain some dots. So I'm trying

String Inputstr = "SOME <Module Name> Module";                  
ptrn = Pattern.compile("<.*>", Pattern.DOTALL);
mtch = ptrn.matcher(Inputstr);
if (mtch.matches()) {
    // Do a replacement operation

But the problem is that it doesn't go inside the if conditional at all. Help is appreciated.

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You can debug your regex at debuggex.com . –  BetaRide Aug 19 at 11:58

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You should use find and not matches. (matches requires the entire string to match.)

String Inputstr = "SOME <Module Name> Module";                  
Pattern ptrn = Pattern.compile("<.*>", Pattern.DOTALL);
Matcher mtch = ptrn.matcher(Inputstr);
if (mtch.find()) {
    System.out.println("The <...> part: " + mtch.group());  // <Module Name>

Also, you don't need DOTALL unless you have new-line characters between < and >.

If you actually want to replace the module name with another string, you could do:

String Inputstr = "SOME <Module Name> Module";                  
String outputStr = Inputstr.replaceAll("<.*>", "A-module-name");
System.out.println(outputStr);  // "SOME A-module-name Module"
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Personally I use commons-lang for these kind of String operations, but above is also good. –  john Aug 19 at 12:04
Thank you! seems I've not read the documentation carefully. My bad... find(): Returns true if, and only if, a subsequence of the input sequence matches this matcher's pattern match(): Returns true if, and only if, the entire region sequence matches this matcher's pattern –  Sujju Aug 19 at 12:19

You could use

Inputstr.replaceAll("<.*>", replaceText);

that would be a much shorter solution.

By the way:By convention the first letter of variablenames are written in lower case.

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It's tidier and more readable to use

Inputstr.replaceAll("<.*>", "replaced text here");
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