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I'd like to do a quick manipulation on a YML file that'll wrap all keys in double curly braces and strip the quotations , such as:

    continue: "continue"
    stop: "stop"
    go: "go"
    halt: "halt"


    {{continue:}} continue
    {{stop:}} stop
    {{go:}} go
    {{halt:}} halt

I'm sure there's a way to do this using multicursor, but so far no luck.


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Use Regular Expression!
You want to do a replace (Find->Replace...), searching for (\w+?:), and replace with {{\1}}.

This should do what you expect (I'll add a little explanation when I'm back on my laptop).

  • \w is for any alphanumeric characters, and things like _, so that would be your identifier
  • +?: any number (but at least one) of said set of character, but in a non-greedy way (or it would also match the : I put after)
  • : is obviously the end of your identifier
  • (...) means you capture everything inside, and store it in \1

That's why the replace is: {{\1}}


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Such beauty, I didn't realize we could use regex in Sublime. Thanks so much! And thanks for showing a man how to fish instead of simply giving him a fish :) – jonasll Aug 19 '14 at 13:47

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