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I'm using notepad++ and I'm finding that when I use regex to search for strings where I specifically want to find lowercase letters ("[a-z]") it will sometimes return uppercase letters.

I originally was searching using the string:


With the purpose of deleting any line in my file that began with an uppercase character, followed by a lowercase, followed by anything until the end of the line. However, this returned lines like, "CLONE" and "DISEASE" which were only capital letters. Out of curiosity, I tried:


And it still returned those lines in all-caps. Finally, I tried:


And it still returned lines of all-caps text. Is there something outside of my brackets that's causing this to happen?

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Is the "Match Case" checkbox checked? –  Trudbert Aug 19 at 12:33
Firstly - wow. No, it wasn't. Thanks, haha! But secondly, when I searched using the unicode for "a" through "z", it still returns all caps strings even with "Match Case" checked. If I literally type in "[A-Z][a-z]", though, it does what I want. Thanks! –  Phil Dinius Aug 19 at 12:37
[A-Z][a-z] is an uppercase followed by lowercase... [A-Za-z] is upper- or lower-case –  Captain Aug 19 at 12:53

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