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I have got that error in this query and I was wondering what I have to do to solve this problem.

SELECT CInt(PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv]) AS nInv, PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv], Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario] FROM Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni RIGHT JOIN PC_CarelHQ_modificato ON Lansweeper_jacopoBelloni.[Numero Inventario] = PC_CarelHQ_modificato.[n inv];

Moreover I have to say that there are some null values in the primary key used, I have tried to fix the trouble using 0, or making the number like a string and setting to "NA" if it is null. And then I tried to pick up everything that was not acually "NA". I have also to say that I'm working in these tables in reading mode, because the tables came from 2 different excels files, which I can't modify, so I have to use a query to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

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