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I can't work out what is wrong with my :hover CSS to make a sub item appear.

p:hover #main-navigation{display:block;}

The #main-navigation is set to display:none, so the code above shoul reset it back to visible?

Here's a JS fiddle.

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You have to use the adjacent sibling selector:

p:hover + #main-navigation{ display:block; }

Here's the updated fiddle

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Thanks, can you explain why? Is it because the div isn't within the P tag? –  user1486133 Aug 19 at 16:48
Exactly, because the p and the #main-navigation elements are siblings. I've updated the answer to include a link to the relevent documentation. –  Bogdan Aug 19 at 16:49
Elements that are placed after the p:hover which is ` + #main-navigation` are also selected. –  Mike Ante Aug 19 at 16:53
@Mike Ante: Yes, but you would need to go out of your way to achieve such a situation (namely, moving the id attribute out of the original #main-navigation, or worse, duplicating it), so it's probably not that much of a concern. –  BoltClock Aug 19 at 16:55
While my answer explains why it wasn't working as you expected, @BoltClock's answer also explains the problems that occur in your case. –  Bogdan Aug 19 at 16:55

#main-navigation is not a descendant of the p, but a sibling (for that matter a div can never be a descendant of a p anyway). Here's the markup from your fiddle with some changes to its indentation to make this clearer:

<div id="menuWrapper">
    <p>hover me to see the menu</p>
    <div id="main-navigation">
        <!-- ul id="menu" ... -->

The direct but naïve answer to this is to replace the descendant selector with a sibling selector:


However as you can see, once your cursor leaves the p, #main-navigation will disappear, preventing the user from ever being able to access #main-navigation.

I recommend moving the :hover to the wrapper element instead:

#menuWrapper:hover #main-navigation{display:block;}

That way, the cursor is able to access #main-navigation, while still remaining within the content area of the wrapper for the purposes of :hover. The p element can remain as is, since it represents the label text.

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