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I'm trying to use 4 forms in my page and I want to validate each one before continue with the next. I'm using a JQuery plugin that validate the inputs. So I need to validate the imputs and continue showing the next form:

<div id="step_1">
    <form id="form_step_1" action="" method="post" class="validacionform cr2">
        <input id="name" class="validateInfo text required" type="text" name="name" >
        <input id="surname" class="validateInfo required" type="text" name="surname" >
        <input id="btn_step1" type="submit" value="continue" class="nextStepTab">           
<div id="step_2" style="display:none;">
    <form id="form_step_2" action="" method="post" class="validacionform cr2">
        <input id="id" class="validateInfo number required" type="text" name="id" >
        <input id="age" class="validateInfo number required" type="text" name="age" >
        <input id="btn_step2" type="submit" value="continue" class="nextStepTab">           

I need to validate the inputs before show the next form and hide the actual.

var continue = $( "#formSteps-1" ).on("submit", function( event ) {

The var continue must to be true or false depending if the submit its ok or not, similar when we use required in the input. We can't continue until put info in this input. Are there any way to know if the input it's ok without using any action in the form?

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You could just validate on change of the last input. –  ArtOfCode Aug 19 '14 at 19:47

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