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Folks, I am trying to wrap the following with promises, and return a Mongo document.

Controller's catch is getting error: 'TypeError: Cannot call method \'apply\' of undefined'

What is the proper way to return the Object from the db to the controller?


Q.fcall(Users.fetchId(authId)).then(function userVerification(userObject) {
    console.log ('got back',userObject);
    responses.Unauthorized('Unauthorized ID', res);
}).catch(function handleError(err) {
    responses.InternalServerError(''+err, res);

Users Model:

Users.prototype.fetchId = function fetchId(authId) {
    return this.mongodb.fetchId(authId);


MongoDatabase.prototype.fetchId = function fetchId(id) {
    var result = {}
    return this.authDB.query('users', function(collection) {
        return collection.findOne({_id:id}, function (err, doc) {
            if (!_.isEmpty(doc)) {
                var result = doc;
            console.log ('mongo',result);
            return result;
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Q.fcall takes a function as its first parameter, and then arguments to apply to that function. By passing it Users.fetchId(authId), you're passing it the result of calling that function.

Try passing the function, and then the arguments you want to apply to it:

Q.fcall(Users.fetchId, authId).then( fn )
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hmmm, now mongo never gets called. The Users Model errors out with { error: 'TypeError: Cannot read property \'mongodb\' of undefined' } –  Cmag Aug 19 '14 at 20:09

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