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I need to conduct a survey of 3 questions:

  • The first question will be Yes/No.

  • The second will have multiple answers, in which you can select multiple answers for just that question, as well as an "other" box that you can use to fill in an answer.

  • The last question will be a textarea in which the user can enter general comments/suggestions.

I would love for this survey app to have an administration end so I can export results to a standard format and/or be able to view the stats via the interface.

One I did find was this. Are there any others like this?

EDIT: PHP/MySQL based.

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I looked into this a few years ago. Surveymonkey is a web service that appears to be widely used, especially by non-computer literate. If you want to modify, serve and count yourself (possible for free), see this comparison chart.

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I use eSurv.org because it doesn't cost anything and there are lots of cool options for customizing your survey. I put our school logo on ours.

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http://www.surveymonkey.com works well in my experience.

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http://docs.google.com Create a form and collect results of the survey in spreadsheet

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