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Hello I am new to Weinre and I need to debug my website which seems to act strange when opened using an IOS platform. So I am using Weinre to debug it. I installed the tool and tested it running with the demo targets in the server itself. Now I need to add my website as a target and run it with an iphon (or ipad) and debug it with Weinre. I don't know how to add my website as a target, I cannot manually add the

<script src="http://123.456.7.89:8080/target/target-script-min.js#anonymous"></script>

script (do not have permission to manually change the page). so How can I do my debugging with Weinre? Thanks

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You can try using a bookmarklet. The main weinre server page actually has a bookmarklet in it, for itself, that you should be able to use directly, if you can figure out how to set up a bookmarklet for your device. This seems to change release-release for mobile browsers, so you might want to do a google search on "bookmarklet" and your device's name or the OS release, to see if anyone has any tips.

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