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I am using the following code to load the bar on click but I can't figure our how to load it on page load automatically.

var autohide;
$('body').prepend('<div id="bn-bar"><b>DON\'T MISS OUT!</b> Only 9 seats remain for the Google Tag Manager training on May 22!    <a href="#">Book Your Seat Today!</a><div id="hider"> </div></div>');
    top: "-50"
  }, "fast","linear", function(){});
setTimeout(function(){$("#bn-bar").animate({top: "0"}, "slow","linear", function(){});},2500);
autohide = setTimeout(function(){$("#bn-bar").animate({top: "-30"}, "fast","linear", function(){});},10000);

Basically I am trying to load a the message when user enters my website and I will be inserting it via Google Tag Manager. Below is a page where I found the code:

Creative Tag Manager – Ads, Promotions, and Visitor Messaging -Lunametrics

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Setting the firing rule for this tag to the default 'All pages' rule will cause it to be included on every page load. To fire it only on the first pageview of the session or based on other conditions, look into the When We Fire Them section of the Lunametrics page you linked.

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I did set it to fire on all pages but nothing happens. –  user3088202 Aug 19 at 21:11
I wanted to test it firing on all pages before I start messing with different rules. –  user3088202 Aug 19 at 21:12
Did you publish the container after you added the tag and the firing rule? –  sean-adams Aug 19 at 22:10
Yes I did. I have been using GTM for quite sometime. I also use Tag Assistant and everything seems to be in order. My datalayes are being picked up and events are being triggered and registered in GA so I know that its not my setup. –  user3088202 Aug 20 at 1:58
Are you seeing any console errors on your site? –  sean-adams Aug 20 at 2:06

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