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I want to check if an element has the class .active, if it does add: margin-top: 4px;

However I only want this to occur once, when the page loads, once the class has been detected I don't want to detect it again and add the CSS style.

This class is applied when certain elements are hovered over.

Is this possible in jQuery?

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Check out the one event. Documented example:

$('#foo').one('click', function() {
  alert('This will be displayed only once.');
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I don't think "one" will solve danits problem. Can one be bound to document ready? –  hunter Mar 29 '10 at 15:57
@Hunter - The op said 'This is class is applied when certain elements are hovered over.' which led me to believe that he wants a mouseover event to fire just once on certain elements. I could be wrong, of course, in which case your answer is probably the way to go. –  karim79 Mar 29 '10 at 19:57
great @karim79 this works fine :) –  SHEKHAR SHETE Oct 24 '13 at 11:05

The way I usually do this is:

(function($) {

  // my custom function to process elements
  function myProcessFunction(context) {

    // get context    
    context = context || document;

    // select elements within the context, filter out already processed ones
    // loop through remained (unprocessed) elements
    // '.my-class' - selector for the elements I want to process
    $('.my-class:not(.my-class-processed)', context).each( function(i.e){

      // mark the element as processed

      // add process code here 


  // run myProcessFunction on document.ready 
  $(document).ready( function(){


This way I have:

  • reusable function
  • processed elements are marked and won't be processed next time the function is called
  • elements are processed within the context only, if specified (for instance, HTML code returned via an AJAX request)

Hope this helps )

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This will fire once on page load

    if ($("#elementid").hasClass("active"))
        $("#elementid").css("margin-top", "4px");
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I don't think "one" is necessary in this case. Using this solution will work --- document.ready fires only once. –  macca1 Mar 29 '10 at 16:00

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