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I'm attempting to use QtWebKit (specifically, a QWebView widget) to display a web page that contains an ActiveX control. On my first attempt, the ActiveX control doesn't appear to be loading. I'm wondering if QtWebKit actually supports ActiveX controls, and I can't immediately find any documentation that gives an answer one way or another.

Does QtWebKit/QWebView support ActiveX controls?

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AFAIK The only rendering engine with native support for ActiveX controls is MSIE. However, there is a QT component that will wrap an ActiveX control (called QAxWidget IIRC) and a QT browser plugin framework that emulates a netscape plugin. You might be able to use these to embed an ActiveX control within the QT container and display this through Webkit (which supports the netscape plugin API).

That's a fairly convoluted approach, but making a component with the browser plugin framework is fairly straightforward and displaying it on a page is simple. The ActiveX wrapper component could probably be fairly easily built into a plugin of this type, so implementing it might not be all that complex.

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Thanks for the info! – dbisdorf Mar 29 '10 at 18:33

While WebKit can be used as an ActiveX control, it does not support ActiveX controls within it.

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While WebKit doesn't host ActiveX controls, you can use an NPAPI plugin to wrap an ActiveX plugin. If you can live with it's license (LGPL), ff-activex-host already provides this functionality.

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