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Running LLVM 3.2 to create a custom pass for OpenCL transformations. I am attempting to GEP into a struct using IRBuilder's CreateStructGEP, but I keep getting this assert:

aoc: ../../../../../../compiler/llvm/include/llvm/Instructions.h:703: llvm::Type* llvm::checkGEPType(llvm::Type*): Assertion `Ty && "Invalid GetElementPtrInst indices for type!"' failed.

Which I've decoded as it doesn't recognize my struct as a built in type. This is confusing since it shouldn't care what type I'm indexing into, only that I give the correct indices. Otherwise what is the point of user defined structs?

//This part is atop my cl kernel file:

    #define BUFFER_LEN 0x100000
    typedef struct RB{
        unsigned int x;
        unsigned int y;
        int          z[BUFFER_LEN]; 
        unsigned int xx[BUFFER_LEN];
        unsigned int yy[BUFFER_LEN];
        float        zz[BUFFER_LEN];
    } RB_t;

//The kernel sig.:

    __kernel void ht(  int iteration, global RB_t *cB){ ... }

My LLVM code:

    void MPASS::exPointers(Module& M, Function& F){
        BasicBlock *first = F.begin();
        IRBuilder<> builder(first->begin());
        Value *cBarg = --(F.arg_end());
        Value *x_idx = builder.CreateStructGEP(cBarg, 0);
        ... < more of the same>

Simple enough, but I can't get past the first CreateStructGEP without the assert. I thought it was a version issue, so I changed the call to:

Value *x_idx = builder.CreateConstGEP2_32(cBarg, 0, 0);

However I got the same assert. It looks like this line in Instruction.h from LLVM is producing the assert further down the stack:

815     Type *PtrTy = PointerType::get(checkGEPType(
816                                    getIndexedType(Ptr->getType(), IdxList)),
817                                    Ptr->getType()->getPointerAddressSpace());

Resulting in the debugger producing:

(gdb) p PtrTy
$19 = (llvm::Type *) 0x7fffffff63d0
(gdb) p PtrTy->dump()

unrecognized-type $20 = void

Is there something special which needs to be done in order to index into a user defined struct in LLVM for OpenCL?

Do I have to explicitly create a StructType object in my LLVM pass?

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