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I am trying to implement facebook login using javascript sdk in joomla and wordpress website. let's start with joomla implementation.

suppose when my site visitor clicks login with facebook button i authenticate with fb login process described well here using js sdk -


then after login, i get his fb username, fb id, fb email. Then will i redirect him to a php page(say joomla component) with this info in url so that in that component page, i create a joomla user using php code and save his user id in another table along with his facebook id?. So next time when he tries to login using fb login button, i again redirect him to that component page and his fb id is matched against stored fb id(so is i know which user id by same row) and make him logged in.

Is this the worked out process/flow to implement facebook login?? redirecting with the fb info to component page and creating a separate table before for storing those two ids. FYI i don't want to use php sdk.

please lead me to right direction.

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