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I've been struggling with my shader currently. I have a simple blur shader, that samples from neighbour texture coordinates. And now I have the problem that I can see a polygon edge where it couldn't sample the texture color at the neighbour. For example, I draw a screen quad which Opengl divides into 2 triangles. And then I have my shader that samples from the screen texture.

I'm not really sure what's going wrong. My theory was that the polygon wasn't even drawn yet when the shader was 'called' But it happens on both sides, so then it should've worked on at least one side I suppose.

Does anyone recognize the problem? I'm also using FBO's but after testing I saw that the used textures are actually the correct ones, so I don't think it's that.

I've already tried some different orders which point gets drawn first of the quad, but nothing seems to help

Here is the problem I'm having visually: http://puu.sh/aZFjo/f7e17d8e43.png

Enabling V-Sync didn't help either

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